(Beginner 121 Paramotor course)

Private paramotor course for beginner

If learning to fly a trike or you’d just like to complete the course without any distractions Then this is for you

Your very own instructor guiding you through the whole journey






  • Day 1 After you have checked in to your own room, You will meet the team and a walk through of the equipment you will be using, a safety briefing for the equipment and the private airfield followed by a hands on session at the airfield.
  • Day 2-4, By now you will be starting to feel more at home with the wing control and we will start to introduce the motor itself.
  • Day 5-6, After a safety briefing on the motor you will start to get familiar with everything and be in a position to take your first solo flight.
  • Day 7-8, By now you will be more relaxed and you can start to take in the scenery with longer flights and putting all the ground work in to practice in the air.
  • Day 9 , You will be souring like an eagle, putting all the theory you have learned in to practice, planning a cross country flight and back to the airfield,
  • You will be in radio contact throughout the course.
  • Once back in the UK you can use my private flying site to hone your skills and get familiar with the UK weather, you will still be on radio contact but only if you need it.

If you would like to bring your partner they are more than welcome, The area has endless attractions , a small upgrade fee is all that’s needed.

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