Paramotor Training UK in Italy


Paramotor Holidays

Get Away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life

What better way to enjoy the sport than a 6 day Paramotor holiday in the heart of Southern Italy, weather you have just finished your training and would like some extra coaching in the sunshine or a seasoned Pilot wanting to escape the winter blues, whatever your reason here at Fly Italia we have you covered.

You will be treated to some spectacular scenery in the local area, Cross country flights to the coast and a magical flight over the ancient Greek ruins of Paestum.

Empty Skies and hundreds of landing options
If you already have your hill rating then why not make use of the 3000ft hill on the opposite side of the valley, with an easy access road to the top and a great take off location heading out to the coast you will be greeted by a smooth laminar air flow throughout the day, with 100’s off acres of landing options in the valley and an empty sky this can be the best way to build your hours up without the hustle and bustle of the usual hill sites.

Make the most of the local cuisine

After the long days flying why not make the most of the Italian cuisine with a freshly made stone baked pizza in one of the many restaurants.

The accommodation is at the 4* Elia Hotel 150yds from the airfield

Paramotor Equipment

You will be provided with your own Paramotor

just bring your wing and any instruments you want to use.

All this for £950!