12 day BHPA Club Pilot Rating training UK

12 day Paramotor BHPA Club Pilot Rating course. UK based.


Paramotor training UK

This is a 12 Day Training course based in the UK at our Private Cheshire site in Crewe. Cost of training course £1440.  Maximum group size is 6 students. All Equipment is provided.

Why do I need to be trained professionally?

The UK airspace is one of the most complex in the world and it is important to understand where you can and can’t fly.  There are some parts of the UK where as soon as you take off you would be in violation and risk getting prosecuted by the CAA.

We are a Full-Time BHPA UK Training Centre in the heart of Cheshire And on the Cumbria Coast.

Offering you a safe and enjoyable training experience in the UK.

As you may already know the weather here is not the best all year round but it helps to understand we have certain limitations, being a full-time school we can accommodate everyone’s needs.  Don’t worry if you can only do weekends we are available for the majority but these do fill up quite fast.

All training equipment is supplied using Top quality Machines to suit all weights, 

The course is usually 12 days but is not set to these days.  If you feel you need longer there is no extra cost, so unlike pay per day schools the price you pay is for your BHPA Club Pilot Rating, 

Once you receive your CP rating it’s advised to continue training to gain your Power Pilot Rating. 



Day 1

After you have arrived, you will meet the team and a walkthrough of the equipment you will be using, a safety briefing for the equipment and the private airfield followed by a hands-on session at the airfield.

Day 2-4

By now you will be starting to feel more at home with the wing control and we will start to introduce the motor itself.

Day 5-6

After a safety briefing on the motor you will start to get familiar with everything and be in a position to take your first solo flight.

Day 7-8

By now you will be more relaxed and you can start to take in the scenery with longer flights and putting all the ground work in to practice in the air.

Day 9-10

You will be soaring like an eagle, putting all the theory you have learned in to practice, planning a cross country flight and back to the airfield. You will be in radio contact throughout the course.

Day 11-12

You will now be honing your skills and getting familiar with our changing weather. You will still be on radio contact but only if you need it.