6 day Paramotor course for beginners

6 day Paramotor course for beginners



These courses are designed for the pilot with limited spare time or limited holidays, They are an ideal Kick start way to enter the sport without the rush,gaining your Club Pilot Rating at your leisure.

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Day 1

After you have checked in to your own room, You will meet the team and a walk through of the equipment you will be using, a safety briefing for the equipment and the private airfield followed by a hands on session at the airfield.

Day 2-4

By now you will be starting to feel more at home with the wing control and we will start to introduce the motor itself.

Day 5-6

After a safety briefing on the motor you will start to get familiar with everything and be in a position to take your first solo flight, depending on how you progress will determine how many flights you will have, most students will make about 6 solo flights. All exams and lectures will be completed in the evenings.

In the UK

Once back in the UK you can use my private flying site to finish the course at your leisure, honing your skills and getting familiar with the UK weather, you will still be on radio contact.